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Green Tracks Tours will show you the very best of Ireland. There are some fantastic cultural sights that have always been popular with visitors, and you are probably well aware of them. These are rich in history and all have a place of prominence in the Irish cultural heritage. But there are also countless hidden gems, here and there, dotted around the island. More often than not these are well off the beaten track and, in many respects, they offer an authenticity that can’t be found in interpretive centres or on glossy brochures.

Killarney National Park

Where is the Hidden Ireland?

When we set up this little business, our aim was to show visitors the real Ireland, the one that we know and love so much. It’s an Ireland that can’t be seen from the window of a coach, or interpreted through the voice of a tour guide. We really believe that the best way to truly ‘discover’ Ireland is to do so by engaging with it in a meaningful way. So, instead of looking at the beautiful McGillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range in Killarney National Park, we prefer to hike across them. In the same vein, why take photos of crystal clear waves as they roll onto our shores, when you can surf them too? It’s a lot more fun to do all this and then find your way, tired but exhilarated, into remote pubs where locals regale the stories of their everyday lives. It’s something that we love to do, so we’re sure it’s something that you’d like to do too.

All of our tours are designed to show our customers ‘this’ Ireland. We’ve built in a lot of flexibility, so you really get to do what you really want to do. If you want to spend four days scuba-diving for shipwrecks while based in a remote fishing village, we’ll organise it. If you want to cycle through twisting boreens on one day, but hike across a wild and ancient landscape the next, we can arrange that too.

There are so many options that it’s impossible to lay them all before you here. What we have done is list a number of activities tours, which we think you might like to try, and we’ve put together a few tours based around these. Remember that nothing is set in stone! We’d like to hear from you and let you help design the tour that you want to do!